Nurses are renowned for working twelve to 16 hour shifts, which is a long time to be on your feet. This is why nursing shoes should have acorrect fit to avoid foot, leg and back Problems. Closed toe dansko mens shoes are recommended to avoid random cuts and exposure to hazardous materials, and the toes should be ready to move freely in the toe box. A deep heel cup encourages the correct muscle and tendon alignment of the leg, and it helps allot the body’s weight over a larger surface area to boost foot comfort. Thick rubber soles provide good cushioning and shock assimilation, and they’re simple to wash.

There are certain requirements for medical shoes from the Occupational safety and health Administration ( OSHA ) which is the Fed agency responsible for implementing safety rules at work. OSHA doesn’t approve work shoes per se, but the Yank countrywide Standards Institute ( ANSI ) tests the shoes which should meet or exceed the standards. A label like ASTM F2413 may be found on licensed shoes. To further guarantee quality shoes for medical professionals, check for the prestigious Seal of acceptance from the North American Podiatric Medical organisation (APMA ).

Here are 6 top picks from medical pros with comments by those who actually wear the shoes :

Dansko nursing shoes are favored by many nurses. One 25 year veteran swears by the nursing clogs announcing that it was the 1st time in her career she had no leg pain after a long shift. Dansko is famous for its state of the art comfort footwear, and the professional nursing shoes are APMA approved. Available online: dansko nursing clogs

Birkenstock shoes were advised to one nurse who was identified with inflamed heel spurs. Since wearing the shoes, shehas had no difficulty with her feet. Many nurses say they are the most comfortable shoes they have ever worn.

Crocs are worn by many medical care executives for all day foot comfort. Crocs are good for those afflicted with heel pain and bunions.

Nurse pal shoes are very comfy and supply great arch support. They are light weight, and exceed ASTM slip-resistant qualifications.

Reebok Classic is another favorite among nurses. They can be worn as a part of a conventional nursing uniform or with scrubs. One nurse reports that they’re the best shoes she has ever worn in over ten years of nursing.

Nike Shox nursing shoes are exceedingly comfortable to wear for 16 hour days at the care home, according to one certified nursing assistant. An RN who works twelve hour shifts claims her feet do not hurt as they did with traditional medical shoes.

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