The Sugar Destoyer by LifeSpa
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Product Description

Sugar Destroyer is a formula that has been used for thousands of years for hypoglycemic and diabetic conditions. To influence hypoglycemia, Sugar Destroyer dulls the ability of the taste buds to recognize sweets, so naturally, the craving for sweets diminishes. Sugar Destroyer also helps stabilize the production of insulin, thereby contributing to energy stabilization. One study showed this herb actually restimulated the beta cells in the pancreas to begin producing insulin in insulin-dependent diabetics. Clinically, I see wonderful results with this product in lowering insulin replacement needs. I also see excellent results for hypoglycemics who are hypersensitive to sugar. Once these patients stabilize their conditions with Sugar Destroyer, they are able to tolerate sugar again in moderation. Sugar Destroyer's primary ingredient is Gymnema sylvestre, which stabilizes blood sugar by resetting the islet cells of pancreas and improving the ability of insulin to take sugar into the cells. The Sugar Destroyer formulation is good for both hypoglycemic highs and lows in energy as well as hyperglycemic or diabetic situations where the body is not producing enough insulin. 90 caps, 500mg. Take 1-2 caps 1/2 hour before meals, if possible, or anytime around the meal.

Product Details

  • Balance glucose levels
  • Control Sugar balance
  • Dull the taste for sugar
  • Help lose weight by eating less sweets

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