I have wanted to learn hypnosis for years now, but I put it off for a long time because I did not know if I was up to it. I grew up thinking that hypnotism with some kind of magic and, although I don't still hold those beliefs, I was still a little bit intimidated by it.

I did not know if I could have quite the commanding persona, the soothing yet insistent voice, or the right presence to be a good hypnotist. In retrospect, I wish I had gotten around to it earlier. Learning hypnosis was easy. When I've seen stage hypnotists in the past, I've always been impressed by how powerful they seem.

People come up on stage only to instantly fall asleep with just a touch of the hypnotist's hands. I figured trying to learn hypnosis would be akin to studying some ancient Chinese martial art. It would require questing after hidden secrets with incredible bravery. I couldn't have been more wrong.

For me, learning self hypnosis was actually one of the easiest tasks I ever accomplished. I started by memorizing a hypnotic script. Basically, a hypnotic script is what you say when you hypnotize someone. As you get more experienced, you can improvise a little bit and add different words depending on the person who you're trying to hypnotize.

When you are first learning hypnosis, however, it's good to go by the book. If you already know exactly what you're going to say, it makes it that much easier to pull it off. Of course, learn hypnosis and mastering it are two different things. When I first learned hypnosis, I thought was pretty cool. I could show off and get my friends to do all sorts of stupid human tricks.

Unfortunately, it really did not work on that many people. I wasn't good enough to pull it off on anyone except those who were highly suggestible. It took a bit of practice before I could fluidly move in to any crowd and instantly put a few people under. Learn self hypnosis doesn't just require practice. It requires the indulgence of those around you.

If you want to learn to be a hypnotist, you need friends who put up with you practicing on them. Not everyone is willing to do this. Some people really don't like the aspect of power that goes along with hypnotism. Of the people find it really boring to always have you talking to them and a dull monotone voice, rather than just having normal conversations.

Even so, you can usually count on the indulgence of at least a few friends. When I was learning hypnotism, I only needed to try it three times before I felt confident enough to try it outside my social circle.