Every person on the planet can use a body cleansing detoxification program for better health! If a friend were to tell you that you should implement a body detoxification program and get healthier, you might well think this suggested that your friend thought you had a drug problem! We normally think of 'detoxification' in the context of drug rehabilitation programs.

However, within the herbal community, body cleansing detoxification is a recommended yearly event. Just as you might do spring cleaning in your home to get everything ship-shape after a long winter, your body needs such attention as well. Even in the 19th and early 20th century, American eclectic physicians recommended a yearly detoxifying the body regimen for all of their patients.

While illnesses were treated with herbal remedies, regular herbal cleansing regimens were shown to ward off future illnesses, some of which could easily prove fatal. Today, modern medicine has come up with many 'miracle' drugs and vaccines to quickly deal with diseases like tuberculosis, diphtheria, malaria and many infectious diseases. Most people now rely on modern medicine to squelch almost every ailment.

This is part of the reason that herbal medicine has become, to a large extent, marginalized in mainstream medicine. On the other hand, you might be surprised to know that, even today, a full 25% of all pharmaceutical medications are derived from plant sources. Until about the middle of the 20th century, there were no processed foods, food additives, acid rain, pesticides, chemtrails or chemical weaponry, such as dioxin (Agent Orange) contaminating our bodies.

It just makes sense that we don't want these types of toxins and pollutants accumulating in our bodies. Everyone knows that we are almost continually ingesting, or being exposed to a number of toxins that damage our bodies and compromise our health. It's therefore reasonable to use a yearly, or even use body detoxification products to rid our bodies of such contaminants.

Here we take a quick look at each body system and show you how to create a schedule that addresses the removal of toxins. Like a spring cleaning of your home, you can implement a body detoxification program over a period of a couple of months or as an ongoing, year-around regimen. When employing herbs to do this cleansing, it's best to take just one or two herbs at a time, in an alternating 10 days on, 10 days off cycle.

Where do you find a reliable source of herbs? Successful herbal treatments are dependent on the quality of the product. Find an herb shop or health food store which sells herbs in bulk. This is the most economical route. If you're not worried about expense, all of the herbs listed here are available in bottles of ready-made capsules.

You will save a bundle of money when you buy in bulk and put them in capsules yourself. You can buy a 'capsule filler' for about $10, which takes much of the work out of the task. When inspecting a shop that sells in bulk, take a look at the ambient lighting where the herbs are stored.

They should be located such that the jars of herbs are not exposed to direct sunlight, which causes deterioration of the herb's potency and, thus, efficacy. Now that you've found a quality source, which herbs do you need for detoxifying your body?

1. Cleansing your blood is essential. Your blood circulates through all of your body systems, distributing toxins all along the way. Burdock root is arguably the most powerful of blood cleansers in the world of herbs.

2. Your liver handles every toxin that enters your body. Reduce the load on your liver by flushing toxins on a regular basis. Dandelion root and milk thistle seed are your liver's BFF!

3. Your kidneys process all of the waste from your body, including the bloodstream. When your kidneys are overtaxed, kidney function can be compromised and can lead to a host of problems. Note that this of particular concern to people who have diabetes or suffer from kidney stones. Cranberry juice powder, taken in capsules, is a powerful agent which tones and strengthens kidney function, while increasing its efficiency.

4. Keeping your respiratory system healthy and robust is an essential component of any body detoxification program. A strong respiratory system is better able to fight off flus, pneumonia, bronchitis and viral conditions. Elecampane root is what you need for this purpose. A good all-purpose formula for the respiratory system is a combination of elecampane root and pleurisy root, in approximately an 8:1 ratio. Elecampane root addresses not only the lungs, but the sinuses, gums and provides good antibiotic effect in the case of dental problems, as well as acting as an expectorant. Pleurisy root helps in cases of pneumonia and excess mucus.

5. To optimize your immune system function, echinacea augustifolia root is the herb of choice in your body detoxification program. You may have heard that echinacea, taken at the first sign of a cold or flu, helps your body respond promptly to bacterial and viral invasions, with a quicker recovery rate as a result. It's a good idea to take echinacea year round, on a 10 day schedule each month.

6. Keep your heart and circulatory system healthy with hawthorne berry powder. Hawthorne berry is a tonic for the heart, with properties which tone the heart muscle, regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while promoting good circulation. Garlic possesses the same regulatory qualities as hawthorne berry and is also a natural antibiotic.

7. Keep your digestive system in good order with scotch broom. As the name implies, scotch broom acts much like a household broom, sweeping toxins which may accumulate in your digestive tract. Turmeric powder is soothing and tonifying to the digestive system, a good partner with scotch broom in a body detoxification program.

These seven components of a thorough body detoxification regimen will reduce your incidence of disease, increase your vigor and can ultimately lengthen your life. Try it yourself and feel the difference!