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Does anxiety plague you? Here are Tecate's physical symptoms of anxiety and the three general types Every one of us experiences anxiety every so often, as a natural response to stressful conditions. This type of anxiety is temporary, such as might be induced by giving a presentation at work and is usually not debilitating. This is a form of social anxiety. However, when you feel anxious on an almost daily basis, beyond what we'd normally refer to as 'being stressed out', you may have a disabling anxiety disorder which should be discussed with your physician.

Generalized physical symptoms of anxiety attacks in Tecate is one type that may have its roots in past, traumatic events in your life which you don't consciously recognize. Food allergies can contribute substantially to anxiety. In Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), the physical symptoms of anxiety can be so severe that you might feel you can't breathe or swallow or might even die. The typical physical symptoms of anxiety may escalate to produce panic attacks, which often becomes cyclic.

In GAD, heart palpitations are so pronounced, accompanied by chest pains, tingling sensations in your extremities and nausea, you might well think you are having a heart attack. These symptoms are so debilitating, you may live in fear of this unexplainable phenomena recurring. In the case of symptoms of anxiety and depression in San Diego, the symptoms most often include heart palpitations, the sensation of not being able to swallow, a whitening of the skin on your face, as though the blood has left your face, lightheadedness or dizziness.

The symptoms of panic attacks may include a tightening of the chest, profuse sweating followed by chills, choking and trembling or shaking. These physical symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks can be more than alarming. The sudden onset of these symptoms can be truly terrifying. Other physical symptoms of anxiety disorder in San Diego, which can apply to ongoing anxiety, social anxiety and GAD, may include out-of-control worry, muscle tension, irritability, abnormal fatigue, difficulty falling or staying asleep and problems concentrating.

If you are experiencing some, or all of these symptoms, you need to make an appointment with your doctor, to determine the cause. There's no reason to have to live like this. Statistics show that anxiety and panic attacks are among the most common of emotional disorders in the U.S., yet only about 20% of people suffering these symptoms of anxiety consult a physician! There are anti-anxiety medicines which can immediately reduce your symptoms dramatically, while you work out the causes that can remedy these exhausting and fearful symptoms.

Examine your usual diet to see if your everyday foods and beverages are exacerbating your condition. Here are some of the common known culprits: stimulants, such as the caffeine in coffee and sodas, deplete your body's resources of vitamins and trace minerals which help regulate both mood and a healthy nervous system. Check your medicine cabinet for both OTC and prescription medicines which contain caffeine. Growth hormones, particularly DES, are commonly fed to animals to effect quick weight gain, but can also exacerbate the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Organic meats do not contain these additives. Several studies suggest that DES may contribute to the development of tumors and breast cancer. Excessive sodium, preservatives, refined and processed foods are other known substances which can produce many of the physical symptoms of anxiety. Read your product labels for foods which contain MSG and avoid those.

MSG can aggravate your anxiety in a major way! If your anxiety is not just an occasional event and you experience several of the physical symptoms of anxiety, it's time to get some relief! Make an appointment with your doctor and put a magnifying glass to your dietary choices. You can be relieved of this condition!