Are you with the “going green” campaign? You can see people discussing the planet in newspapers, on the radio and all over the news. Constantly a great topic for discussion is gas prices, and whether alternative energy is a sound option. With the amount of pollution globally, one other question is what can be done to deal with our latest pollution problem. The green living message is getting out so it is making numerous businesses to modify the way they have always done business. They have become more aware of the environment in the way they manufacture their products.

Now, baking soda has been an all natural product ever since it was created, and it forever remain so. Baking soda is a natural product that is inexpensive has almost endless uses. Baking soda has been used largely for cleaning or cooking, but a few people people use it for toothpaste and as shampoo. A lot of people who are trying to live a greener way of life have begun utilizing baking soda for many different things. And while this all natural product is really an amazing product for cleaning, it is also more low-cost than other chemical cleaners. You can use baking soda to scrub clean tiles, bathtubs and kitchen counters by simply blending it with a bit of water. You can use baking soda for cleaning unsightly soap scum and with a bit more work and the correct tools, you can even say goodbye to toilet bowl discolorations.

Sodium bicarbonate is also a natural odor neutralizer due to the bicarbonate present in baking soda. And because it is such a powerful odor eliminator, most people use it in their cat’s litter boxes. Placing a box of baking soda in your fridge can help neutralize odors from fragrant food items. Any mom would like for the laundry to be sparkling clean, and all that is needed is to mix in a little baking soda to the wash cycle. Bleach can destroy your clothes, but baking soda will not damage them.

Possibly the greatest uses for sodium bicarbonate have to do with your health. Many people have been using this for a long time as an all natural toothpaste. Making your teeth lighter is only one benefit; it is a natural way to kill germs also. There are many people taking various drugs for heartburn, but why spend your money when you can ease your pain with a box of baking soda?  One of the latest health breakthroughs is how the pH balance of the body affects your health.  Your body needs to be within the healthy pH levels of 7.35 and 7.45 pH; if your blood goes outside of these levels, your body will give out. Those who are in the medical professions have realized that baking soda can help maintain a patient’s blood pH level in order to keep them alive in trauma situations.

It has also been discovered that people with a lower pH level have more risks of getting diseases. By increasing the alkaline in your body, you can help reduce the risks of disease, and of course the all natural sodium bicarbonate will help you keep your body alkaline. By simply blending baking soda with water and taking it internally several times per day can help your general health. An important component of living a green lifestyle is to begin using more natural health cures. Perhaps you are not that interested in green living, but the one part you have to consider is natural health. On the whole, baking soda can not merely be used  for cleaning and cooking, but it  can  save your life  as well.

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